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After finishing college,  River begins working as a newsroom assistant to a local TV broadcast station. Her dream is to be a news reporter, but with her covert side work as a cam model, she knows her secret puts those dreams in constant peril. After a few dates with her dangerously alluring and charming boss, Jace Bolton, her life gets more complicated when she not only finds out that he has been staking her for months, but that he also knows her secret. 

Blackmailed by Jace, River must agree to date him in order to keep her future goals on track. This story is full of lust, lies, and betrayal. Caught in between the beginnings of Stockholm syndrome and a triangle love,  River’s personal goals and mental sanity will be tested. So, will she be able to sort out her head and her heart before it’s all too late?

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genres: dark romance, mild thriller, mild psychological horror, self-deprecation and self-growth

About The Author

I went to college at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia from autumn 2013 to spring 2017 where I obtained a BFA in dramatic writing (aka scriptwriting) and a minor in creative writing. Aside from being a writer, I am a graphic designer, and social media marketer. I originally had my idea for the “The River Rising” after a brief and very tame version of an attempt at cam modeling in college. I wanted to see if I could make any money from it. I found the experience enlightening. I went in expecting crude men hungry for lustful satisfaction. I went in with the notion that I would disassociate from myself and create a persona. What I was not expecting was that I would enjoy it, that there would be more kind words than vulgar ones, support from other models, and that I could choose my range of “exposure.” Compared to my character, I was definitely mild at what I did, whereas she goes all out. The characters in the book are all based on real people. Both the main love interests are loosely based on boyfriends–a past boyfriend and my present one–and the friends are combinations of my own friends. River, however, is a combination of any people. I wanted my characters to be real, so I gave them real-life experiences. Some of the actual events in the book have happened to myself or those around me–just not in the context that it happens in my book. 
My current–well–it’s complicated. I am stuck between ideas but I hope to begin writing again soon and I try to keep up with my author’s website. It is where I will begin releasing information about my new book once it is underway! – KAYLA MANCUSO

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