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Girls are going missing. Every winter, when the snow falls thick on London’s cobbled streets and the Thames freezes over, girls disappear from their beds.
Lydia must battle to survive and keep her reckless sister, Sophie, from harm.  A difficult task when they are forced to live under the cruel control of Mr. Scrivit at Rottenhall Orphanage and work all day in his wool mill. 

But a force far worse than Mr. Scrivit is threatening the girls. Something supernatural and terrible is hunting the orphans; snatching the girls in their sleep and leading them to the frozen river.

Lydia must rely on strange new allies and magical items to defy the dangers of the capital before facing off against a nightmarish adversary.

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About The Author

Stuart Fryd is a dad to two lively boys and husband to a beautiful wife. He writes fiction for children and young adults and is a deputy headteacher in a London school. He loves reading fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and horror. His hair never does what he wants it to do and he hates having his photo taken!
His favorite children’s authors are Phillip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, and Anthony Browne.

Follow him now on twitter: @stuartfryd

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