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“I am a man of many names, names given to me by the people I have met, names I have taken to honor them, and this is my story.” 

So THE BOY FROM AFRICA begins, the story of Kwame Peter Matthew “Black-Photo” Mac-White Blackteng, a young man in Ghana growing up in a world where orphans are left to the tender ministrations, indifferent adults. From his early years where he served as a hired hand on a farm, missing school due to the costs and the requirements too steep to bear, to his later years when he was befriended by a man in a collar, his story relates the adventures of a boy who is wise in his heart and careful with his words.

There are moments of high adventure, moments of fear and terror, and moments of great joy, always punctuated by the stern voice of his adoptive parent, the lioness woman Mrs. Mensah, who had many tasks for young Kwame to complete before he could rest from his labors. 

Kwame endures many failures along the way to his final triumph, and looks back to tell others about all that faithfulness and diligence can accomplish in the life of a person who is dedicated to success. 

This book is a great introduction into the ordinary life of Ghana and relates everyday affairs with wit and compassion. Join Kwame in his story and follow along as he meets his challenges head-on with the insight of a boy who knows what he wants in life.

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About The Author

Jerry Sarkwah is a professional teacher, author, and writer. He is thirty-nine years old, is married to Felicia O. Sarkwah, and teaches science. In 2007 he enrolled in the Wiawso College of Education and obtained his diploma in an examination conducted by University of Cape Coast. He then pursued his Bachelor of Education degree in 2014, and completed his degree program in 2016 at the University of Education, Winneba. He authored THE BOY FROM AFRICA and POVERTY AND COUP D’ETAT IN AFRICA and is currently working on his third and fourth books. He has collaborated with PnP authors to publish three short novels (NEIGHBORHOOD MYSTERIES, ADVENTURES into THE UNKNOWN and MYSTERIES OF THE BLUE VELVET POUCHES & AMBER ROSE ), with each chapter contributed by international writers.

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