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Teenagers are such special people. I now have two & I cherish them. It seems like just yesterday I had toddlers. They grow up so fast. I thought a lot of what young kids in elementary school needed in life and from parents, teens would not need so much but boy was I wrong. I look back and laugh at what I thought life would be like with teenagers. They need your attention, love and caring ear to listen, actually even more so as a teen. In this world that is stacked against Christian teens they have so much to go through. It seems even more than I had to deal with as a teen.  Do you have young children right now?  Do you have teens? Both? These tips are for you to start NOW no matter what stage to flow over into your life with your teen or child because believe me you will need it! These tips will help any aged child.

Stand firm in disciplines. They desperately need you to do this. Do not back down. Because if you do when they are teens they will try to walk all over you just like when younger. If you establish that YOU are the parent not them now this will be your biggest help when they are a teen and will respect you more. I have seen some kids aged 7 & such running the show at home! Guess what parents, do you think that 7 year old when a  teen is going to listen to you?
Except each teen or kid to be different. Not every teen is the same. The older kids get the more who they really are will come out, let them safely be who they are.
Give Grace! Jesus gives us grace every day. We are not perfect. Kids & teens will not be perfect ever! So do not expect them to be.
Nurture their hearts. From the moment kids are born all the way growing up they need someone to nurture their heart. I know so many parents who are so busy with running the rat race of life just to get by and pay the bills or buy that new whatever, they forget to spend moments nurturing their child’s heart. It’s not how much time you spend with a child but the quality of time. Let them feel like they are your main focus when spending time with them. Listen to them. Be interested in what they have to say. Help them to feel valued as a person and important! It will go a long way in their outlook in life and of themselves! This will help so much when they are teens in your relationship together.

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