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Mysteries Of Eternal life is a book written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,Do you believe in the reality of Jesus Christ, heaven and angels? And moreover the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in a person, Kennedy Dima reveals a stunning, personal story of how he saw the living Christ, taken to heaven and imparted with the truth from above. “In November 2009 as I was sleeping that night, I saw in a vision two angels appearing into the room, they were putting on pure white garments. Their feet did not touch the ground, they were just suspending on air, one angel came to my left side and the other to my right side.
Without saying a word I saw us leaving the room and passing through the wall. We got into the sky just about 100m above ground. After we got there the two angels disappeared. I was there alone facing the east. Looking yonder, I saw light. It was quite distant away. I wondered what it could be, the sight of it was appealing and drawing my utmost attention. I wanted to take a step towards it, when I found myself already in that light. It seemed like there was no distance but just the power of thought. The light was so great it overshadowed me. What I saw I had never seen it ever since I was born, I saw Life. If you have always been wondering what life is that’s exactly what I saw. I felt everywhere that I had just entered into a world so phenomenal. I had just stepped out of time into eternity, where time and distance no more exist. Not weakness or sorrows are found there, I saw a world with so much beauty and life that words cannot genuinely express. In fact the air or the atmosphere is so alive, when you breathe in it’s like you just breathed life into you. It was full of life which point I must fully emphasize. The air is the glory of God, not oxygen or carbon dioxide. There is no shadow, because it is the kingdom of light. There is no fear, everything is just beautiful. The place where I was, when I looked I saw gold everywhere, the ground wasgold. I saw a wall that was made of pure gold and on the other side of it were great multitudes of angels. They were all looking at me with faces radiating love,and smiling. They were all putting on pure white garments, I WAS IN HEAVEN…”
Kennedy Dima continues to share his experience coupled with a revelation of truth about Eternal life that impacts the soul and spirit of man without measure. Ultimately preparing man to walk in the dominion the 1st Adam experienced before the fall. This book is an encounter, and a gift to every soul that believes in Jesus Christ,no wonder ‘the heavenly gift’.

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