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Aubrey McKenna, a celebrated criminal investigator, has lost most everything she ever cared about. After a heart-wrenching breakup with the man she thought was her soul mate, her job of a lifetime crumbled in a publicly humiliating dismissal from her position as chief investigator for the attorney general of Pennsylvania. She now finds herself between jobs, struggling to maintain newly found sobriety and determined to recover personally and professionally. At the request of her best friend, the assistant district attorney for Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, she accepts a job investigating a previously solved murder. New evidence, which will likely exonerate the man already serving a life sentence, has been discovered, and it appears that the real killer in the horrific slashing of a teenage girl is still at large. Will McKenna be able to solve this thirty-year-old cold case?
In Mountain City, Pennsylvania—a sleepy small town in the heart of the state’s eastern anthracite coal mining region—appearances are deceiving, and the investigation enmeshes McKenna in both a web of intrigue with the town’s power broker and an unexpected opportunity for romance. In her quest for delayed justice, which also becomes a search for self and recovery, McKenna uses persistence, grit, and human compassion to negotiate the twists, turns, and surreal coincidences of an investigation that ultimately reaches far beyond the confines of Mountain City. Her search for the killer unearths a trail of serial rape and murder—and political corruption reaching into the depths of the state’s capital.

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About The Author

Greg Dillensnyder has his roots in a small eastern Pennsylvania town similar to Mountain City in Murder at Mountain Tavern, his first novel.

A retired psychotherapist, Greg makes his home in the Pittsburgh area with his wife and three cats; two adult sons and their families are nearby, and his granddaughter is the joy of his life. He holds a degree in English literature from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh.

Greg has led a life of feminist advocacy, surrounded by strong women, and he continues to be aggrieved by the gross underrepresentation of women in positions of significance in business, politics, and popular culture.

Short of finally achieving passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, or pay equity for women, which remain enduring commitments, he hopes that some small momentum in that direction may be achieved by the power of the pen with strong characters like Aubrey McKenna, the protagonist of Murder at Mountain Tavern.

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