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In 1682 the ship Amity sailed to America’s from England. The amity was a ship that carried some of the first settlers to Pennsylvania. Aboard this ship were many Quakers. One famous quaker on this expedition was William Penn. During the long journey, a baby named Joseph was born. Margaret and Richard Haines welcomed their son in 1682 abord the ship the exact date is unknown. There’s also documentation stating Richard Haines passed away aboard the ship coming to America.

Joseph Haines married Dorothy Leeds in New Jersey in 1704 and they had five children together. He also had one daughter from another relationship. He then married Elizabeth Thomas march 1, 1721 in new garden, Pennsylvania and they had 13 children together. Of the 20 children, Joseph fathered only 13 reached adulthood.

Joseph owned 200 acres of land in Nottingham twp, new jersey in 1707. He was actively involved in his community and at one point in time served as justice of the peace.

In 1763 the Americans were currently involved in the French and Indian War. During this time the American colonists were creating a new colony.

September 12, 1763, Joseph Haines passed away in Cecil County, Maryland and was buried in the Brick Meeting House Cemetery in Calvert, Cecil County, Maryland.

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