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I’m not sure if you have ever noticed some churches or should I say the people attending some churches aren’t very understanding if you miss a day? Or more than one? Some people don’t understand if your child only attends church once or twice a month because the other times your child is with their other parent. We have put together a list of ways you can still praise and worship the lord outside of Church. (Also this is just a list not an in order list)

  1. Listen to Christian music: You can find great christian music on pandora and spotify. I personally like to turn up the music and sing while im cleaning.
  2. Read the Bible: There’s so many different versions out there. There’s mini stories. There’s even apps you can have on your phone where you can read the bible. Also, you can read the Bible alone, with a friend or family member or even outside.
  3. Pray: Praying doesn’t have to be along prayer or something you learned in church. Its just got to come from the heart. Close your eyes and speak to god. Share your problems, your worries, your stresses, your joys, and happiness.

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