Have you ever wanted to stay home with your children and still earn an income? Are you unable to work outside the home due to health conditions? Why not start working from home today for FREE!! I have compiled a list of companies that allow you to earn an income from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a phone, computer or tablet and access to the internet and you can start earning an income today! Find out more HERE!

Are you like the millions of people who currently binge watch some of the most popular shows? Do you wonder what’s streaming on Netflix, Hulu or Prime worth watching? We have a list of great shows currently on that you can binge watch! What’s great about our list is it provides descriptions of great shows, peoples opinions on the shows and more! Do you have a show to add to our binge-worthy list? Please contact me! Take me to the bingeworthy list!

I’m not sure if you have ever noticed some churches or should I say the people attending some churches aren’t very understanding if you miss a day? Or more than one? Some people don’t understand if your child only attends church once or twice a month because the other times your child is with their other parent. We have put together a list of ways you can still praise and worship the lord outside of church. View the list HERE!

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